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"It's a good time to embrace video conferencing with your team, clients or prospects."


After a conference in Austin this year, I started a virtual meet-up with eight others, and we meet online every two weeks. We alternate between having guests and a special topic.I expect you have had conferences and meetings canceled based on the global situation.  Those large gatherings appear to be finished for the foreseeable future. Virtual meetings are really the only alternative to learn from our peers.
Let me know if you'd like me to arrange a regular video conference for your current clients or prospects. You may want to meet with clients to learn
how they make decisions about their business. You would also likely want feedback from all levels of your clientele on your service. Perhaps you'd like to test new products with the group.  My current group tells me they learn much more in our session than with any other time they spend in the month. 
My Video Conference Service [$500 per session]
If you agree with the idea that helping clients and prospects will help your business, consider the value of a regular video conference. You do not have to re-create the process;
I am willing to take what I have learned and manage the service which would include:
· I organize and build the group, taking your suggestions on participants. The conference software can handle 100 participants.
· We then plan our topics and/or guests. I invite the guests and remind them of the event.
· I remind participants 3 days before and then 3 hours ahead.
· I host the event, and I am quick to jump in and change the topic if someone rambles on. 
· I send attendees and those who missed the event a written summary or a recording of the event. They also get a reminder of our next session.
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